Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Saturday, February 21, 2015

This Place Without Feeling II

My heart is breaking,

and my head aching,

a gasp of grief taking my breath away,

as you lay there in death,

I stand here bating my breath,

thinking it can't be true,

but the person I see,

laying in front of me,

is most certainly you.

I wish that you would speak and sigh,

 and tell me it's all a lie.

only a prank or notion,

to determine devotion,

but no sound do you make,

as I attend this Wake,

and thus the irony of the name,

because you never speak nor stir,

nor return to the way you were,

although my life has completely changed,

somehow now that you're gone,

I'm expected to find strength to carry on,

Strength to weather the coming storm,

but my strength use to come from you,

you were the light that would guide me through,

You were the light switch for my brain,

the voice of reason that kept me sane,

The one love in my life that I considered true,

There will never be your equal,

no wait for an upcoming sequel,

The twin to my soul  has died away,

Now who will I tell my secrets to?

There will never be another you,

not in this place without feeling,

not in new loves with hearts so cold,

nor in the stone cold hearts of old,

When your heart stopped beating.

I unraveled too,

You were my glue,

As I stand here falling apart

truth be told,

I lost a heart of gold.

You were my heart,

And I am left here to wonder why?

The good ones are so young to die?

As I stumble tear-blind to the door,

As my heart falls to the floor,

As I mumble my last good-bye. Victori ©