Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Corporate Slave

Break these chains,
that confine me,
time clocks,
and alarm clocks,
that constantly remind me
that I'm not free from,
the grind,
the paper chase,
the rat race,
give me my freedom,
release the stress,
and the strain,
relief from this desk,
break this corporate chain,
set me free 
to write from
the right side of my brain,
Plot my escape,
this corporate rape,
that encloses me in,
robs my creative,
and separates me
from my pen.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Practical Joke (For Harold) 4/26/1949-8/23/2015

Mayhem and Mischeif,

All rolled into one,

Seems all too brief,

But life rolls on,

Going for broke,

Time is a thief,

A practical joke.

You were the shy kid,

An artist,

A prankster,

Your hand hid,

Where your heart is,

No gangster,

I laugh,

To remember

Things that you did,

Just loved to have fun,

And choose it,

Sketch the sun,

And not lose it,

Pop rubber bands,

Throw eggs from a roof,

"Not" your pocketed hands,

Your face stoic, aloof,

You weren't the one, see,

As easy as Ex-lax, in coffee,

Without the runs,

A whistle on your lips,

A mindful of stunts,

A grin on your face,

You will pace,

The hallway of my memory,

Forever in short trips,

You were my ace.

© Vickie

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Manchurian Candidate

They have used up

all their aces,

now they're diggin'

from the bottom

of the deck,

for that Trump card, 

of a million faces,

The Joker,

of the Manchurian Sect,

a ruthless power broker,

to pursue a palace coup d'e'tat

His face a straight

flush as in poker,

His gaze of flat affect,

spying that queen,

with the diamond choker,

His words an assault 

in full attack

to murder America

and set us back,

to zero,

place your bet,

to hell with 

the more the merrier,

and to assassinate

the character

of the hero vet!

Victori7 Sept 1, 2015 ©