Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Friday, May 20, 2016

On Staying in the USA Despite Trump....Part I & II

On Staying in the U.S.A despite Trump.... part 1

Our ancestors sleep in this ground, which they sowed,
planted like seed buried deep,
where they fought and died and G. I. Joed,
praying that whatever they sow, same shall they reap,
They placed their hope into this soil,
for some, hope is all they'd ever owned,
and we, are the harvest of their toil,
and for those, the only freedom they'd ever known.
Victori ©

On Staying in the U.S.A despite Trump.... part 2

Our family been here long before the Drumpf kin came,
loud and wrong, spewing hate, and bearing blame,
promising to make America great again,
As if he can recall a time it wasn't, but my family can,
Different singer, same song,
We've heard it all before it doesn't, refrain man,
Now here come Donny come late'
He's just one more,
His family just off the boat in 1888,
Mine been here since 1774, and before, before,
So where he been?
He don't want war!
He better choose a battle he can win!
Victori ©

"Blair said that Trump's “grandfather Friedrich Drumpf came to the United States in 1885 which was the height of German immigration to the United States."