Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just Pray

Just Pray!

I can recall back in my youth,
when momma would tell me “just pray.”
‘Cause prayer changes things, “she’d say.”
and though I knew it as truth,
still had to do things my way.
“Cause I thought I had time on my hands,
the will of my mind,
could make my own plans,
supply my own needs,
just follow the signs,
and go where life leads,
I’d get a head start,
I didn’t need directions for life,
I knew it by heart,
I could spar strife,
bring struggle to it’s knees,
Could duck the blows that  life swings,
This was my life,
I’d do as I please!
I had time by the wings,
But time isn’t a pet,
it won’t sit when you stall it,
You can’t command it to stay,
It won’t come when you call it,
It won’t walk at your heel,
Time’s a strange bird,
it has it’s own will,
and will fly away,
so stop for a moment,
and consider your path,
listen to God,
let him do the math,
let Him pull the strings,
just fall to your knees,
let him lead the way,
“ And Just pray, cause prayer changes things.”

Victori ©

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