Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This Place Without Feeling I written 14 Jan 1986

My heart is not breaking,
nor my head aching,
No gasp of laughter taking,
my breath away,

My feelings have all gone numb,
of this life, what is the sum?
I maintain no ultimate illusions,
or minimal intrusions,
to multiply confusion,
and lead my mind astray.

As you lay there in death,
I stand here bating my breath,
thinking it can't be true,
but the person I see,
laying in front of me,
is certainly you.

I wish that you would speak and sigh,
say it's all been a lie,
a simple-minded notion,
to determine devotion.

Instead, no emotion breaks forward,
or pupil go lowered,
as tears fall toward,
the floor.

'cause this place is without feeling,
emotion or willing,
or time to be killing for,
no bridges have crumbled,
as tear blind we stumbled,
we never even mumbled,
our last good-bye,
now I stand in this place,
no smile on my face,
or gleam in my naked eye.

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