Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

For Joseph

Conversation never spoken

"Sleep now,
and we'll speak tomorrow,"
last words ever spoken,
and a promise never kept,
"It's with our sincerest apologies,
we must inform you,
of our deepest regrets,"
I hear the words,
but there's no meaning,
no metaphor, no moral,
no rhyme, nor reason,
no diction, and no depth,
even with all that missing,
the burden of sorrow,
still, weighs heavily on my chest,

Is this all that's left?
The weight of it.
The wait of it,
for a conversation interrupted,
and silenced by death,
just sobs to feed the silence,
and so many tears,
a silence so greedy, so empty,
that to feed, could take years and years,
and would still be bereft?
and the lure of conviction,
to hear that promise kept.
would pose a moral restriction,
that requires ceasing my breath.

Please do not comment,
or SMS me on the subject of this post,
I'm not suicidal, morbid or morose,
but these are the thoughts,
I can't help but host,
and so would you,
if you were in love with a ghost,
A person whose very voice,
once lifted you from the abyss,
A person whose only noise,
was jazz, and sheer bliss,
who could silence a quarrel,
just by throwing a kiss,
If a moment I could borrow,
I would tell him just this,
"I love you," <3 and seal it with a kiss,
recite sonnets by Keats and Pablo,
But sleep now my love,
We will speak tomorrow.

Victori June 2, 2015 ©

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