Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I want to live!

I want to live!
Live like you've never known,
turn a trickle into a river,
to soften each heart of stone,

I want to love!
Love like, what's never been shown!
turn a broken mold into a work of art,
and mend each broken heart,

I want to splash!
Splash hard to create a wave,
turn those waves into tsunami's,
be a buoy to each life I save,

I want to move!
Move obstacles from the way.
turn mountains to ant hills.
clear a path to a brighter day.

I want to stretch!
stretch my arms wide and long,
from Texas to Timbuctoo,
to unite the world as one!

I want to jump!
Jump high enough to fly,
from my skin into a star,
light the pathway of the blind.

I want to lead!
Lead the misled,
turn evil into good,
and dry each tear that's shed.

I want to change!
Change the world that is,
from a rock into a pearl
change sadness into bliss.

I want to give!
Give the children a better try,
turn their problems to resolutions,
I want this bad enough to die.
and that is why,

I want to live! 7/9/15 © Victori7

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