Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


One truism in life

we all must die,

Either at a ripe old age,

or by the knife,

of a decaying plague,

or by the sword,

It's not how you die,

but what you die for,

so speak your voice,

this pen is my spear,

my weapon of choice,

these words my breath,

to live in fear, is certain death,

I refuse to die for the color blue,

the color of sorrow,

I refuse to be killed over the color red,

the rage of a destroyed tomorrow,

I won't die for a one night stand,

in the fit of passion,

I'd rather die for my fellowman,

in the line of action,

so choose your chosen tirade

for the youth my life I'd give,

it's those who live unafraid

who truly live! (written in 1984) © victori

Real 'istic'

Don't wrap me in those 'istic' clothes,

mystic vibes from centuries ago,

I am not material 'istic'

What are you surreal 'istic'?

You must be altru 'istic"

To come here messin' with me,

All I am 

Is all you see,

Just a girl yet to unfold,

into the woman I'll one day be! 

(written a long time ago) © victori

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