Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Practical Joke (For Harold) 4/26/1949-8/23/2015

Mayhem and Mischeif,

All rolled into one,

Seems all too brief,

But life rolls on,

Going for broke,

Time is a thief,

A practical joke.

You were the shy kid,

An artist,

A prankster,

Your hand hid,

Where your heart is,

No gangster,

I laugh,

To remember

Things that you did,

Just loved to have fun,

And choose it,

Sketch the sun,

And not lose it,

Pop rubber bands,

Throw eggs from a roof,

"Not" your pocketed hands,

Your face stoic, aloof,

You weren't the one, see,

As easy as Ex-lax, in coffee,

Without the runs,

A whistle on your lips,

A mindful of stunts,

A grin on your face,

You will pace,

The hallway of my memory,

Forever in short trips,

You were my ace.

© Vickie

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