Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Sunday, July 31, 2016


If  I'd have known then,
I'd have kept you talking 'til ten
In the morning,
I wouldn't have let you go,
so quietly into that dark night,
If I'd have known,
That our line would be interrupted,
By that Divine Operator,
Calling you home,
I would have intervened with a prayer,
"Please Lord take him later."
If I'd have known then,
That we wouldn't have an end,
Like an unfinished song.
That our call would just drop, so abruptly,
To cause both our hearts stop,
Replacing my atrial beat
With dial tone,
And nobody, nobody else worthy
To pick up the phone.
If I had known that summer of 2014
Would be the first and last time,
I'd get to have personally seen,
You and shown
just how my love's grown,
I wouldn't have left you alone,
I'd take your hand,
And never let go,
If I had just known.

Victori7 ©

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