Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Sunday, July 31, 2016


If  I'd have known then,
I'd have kept you talking 'til ten
In the morning,
I wouldn't have let you go,
so quietly into that dark night,
If I'd have known,
That our line would be interrupted,
By that Divine Operator,
Calling you home,
I would have intervened with a prayer,
"Please Lord take him later."
If I'd have known then,
That we wouldn't have an end,
Like an unfinished song.
That our call would just drop, so abruptly,
To cause both our hearts stop,
Replacing my atrial beat
With dial tone,
And nobody, nobody else worthy
To pick up the phone.
If I had known that summer of 2014
Would be the first and last time,
I'd get to have personally seen,
You and shown
just how my love's grown,
I wouldn't have left you alone,
I'd take your hand,
And never let go,
If I had just known.

Victori7 ©

Thursday, July 21, 2016


This election
I'm gonna write in, 
"concerned for my brother"
on the ballot
and if 'love one another,'
isn't a proposition,
then I'm gonna add it
This election 
I'm gonna write in,
if you protect and serve
then do it
step in and defend
be true to it
speak for the unheard
bring abuse to an end
This election
I'm gonna write in,
'It's not you against them,'
It's U.S. we're all in
The land of the free,
So be the change
that you want to see,
This election
I'm gonna write in,
'I want to see the hungry fed,'
'every one given shelter,'
'every man have a bed'
and maybe then
we won't have to swelter
through another long hot summer,
without bread,
once again,
This election.
I'm going to scribble in
add how absurd
it is for anyone 
to go hungry
on these amber fields of grain,
above the fruited plain,
so crown thy good,
with brotherhood,
and end their hunger pains,
This election
I'm gonna write in,
take what's great and make it greater,
instead of trying to make it great again,
go to the shelter
and feed the homeless and destitute
educate the young and restless too,
give jobs to the best, and ambitious,
the best of you,
give credence to the auspicious,
give aid to the elders, who
have run short of dreams and wishes,
This election
I'm gonna write in,
'stop killing each other'
stop the violence
stop the tears of grieving mother's
break the silence,
and on that note,
get out and vote,
This election
I'm gonna vote 
"We the people,"
for president
set a precedent

Victori ©