Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Revolutionary Spirit

We sit and dangle 
crossed legs, 
like loose wires,
in coffee houses, 
fueled by espresso,
surges of power,
as we reload
our vocal chords
our throats parched,
we remain
electrically grounded,
Urged to march,
as the world usurps our energy,
we must come unplugged 
to the podium
fully charged and ready,
to unleash our capacitor
from its power source
for revolution.
Speak our determination
Into existence
Extinquish any resistance,
exploit our injury
Use these frayed wires 
to set a fire
from our core,
stop trying to pacify,
the pacifist
setting our sensors
to ignore
tip toeing around
land mines 
to avoid the explosives 
that they've set
we should unleash the 
expletives and give
as good as we get
Lift our heads,
and raise our signs above
Knowing full well
we can't legislate love,
but we can decrease
the number who fell
victim to the hate,
instead we read our fate
in newspaper headlines,
which always end the same
unarmed black man dead
his killers walk of shame,
as his sentence, is read
absolved without blame,
we are left verb less
we are left unspoken
we need to make them nervous,
we need to increase the tension,
we need to become verbose,
we need to remain unbroken,
we listen as she utters the lie,
which we really hope she won't
That all lives matter,
but we see with our own eyes,
that obviously black lives, don't
we nurse this coffee cold,
black, bitter to our lips,
We live our lives in, Why's?
What for's? and what if's?
and post our status in R.I.P.s
Revolutionary spirit never dies!
you can't kill it,
Revolutionary spirit isn't always violent,
but it gathers up it's rounds 
and reloads
it won't be silent
and it's never careful
if it steps on any toes,
Revolutionary lives matter,
and they don't die in vain,
only cumulate into a cloud
and still it reigns!

victori ©

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