Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The question is....

What's the difference?
Between this ol' girl
face full of time,
and this perky young teen,
the difference now is I'm
just a tad bit mean.                                                        
What's the difference?
I've become guarded, and set apart,
getting stronger as I live,
A little wiser, but with the same heart,
just a miser, with the smiles I give.
What's the difference?
Now it takes a lot of shots,
to get the right one,
a lot more pixels, than forget-me-nots,
before I'm done.
The difference is:

A life time,
A life line,
the distance between two points,
my left prime,
my right mind,
the wisdom that time anoints,
the difference between,
a slaughtered lamb,
by the end of my teens,
to a thriving cougar,
that's where I am,
of a different persuasion,
but with the same good heart,
my age is an equation,
the sum of all it's parts,
times five,
carry the one God,
into every situation,
just thankful to be alive!
Victori ~ © 2016

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