Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Searching this census,
of lives dearly departed,
peering through windows of the past,
tracing back to where we started,
Keeping up with the Jones's
Shepards, Henrys, Hollands,
Tidwells, Lindsays, Owens,
Lees, and the Bass,
Rear facing, riding shotgun,
on a train going backward fast,
Tear tasting, reunions with family,
who thought their dreams,
were bound to last,
Past tracing, like sci-fi,
searching with a passion for the past,
to find love ones 
who refuse to die.

victori~ April 2, 2012 ©


  1. My brother wants me to do a family poem, rap and crest for the Young side of the family. We have one for the Livingstons (my mother's). This gives me inspiration.