Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Sunday, January 12, 2014

United Spirits

If we could unite the 2 of us
The me of us with the you of us.
Take the less of us and make a few of us,
Combine the best of us to find the true of us.

Go beyond the I's of us to the breath of us,
Beyond the looks of us, to the depths of us,
Above the heights of us, to what's right with us,
Under the weight of us to what makes us us,

To create 1 of us that makes 3 of us,
1 who will have your tenaciousness, and 1 my loquaciousness
Your sensitivity and my resiliency,
sort through whatever makes us even or odd,
We'll have united our spirits,
We'll have created a God!

Victori~3-24-2000 ©