Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I'm sure I'd know you anywhere,
from a distance, within a crowd,
or behind the similar smile we share,
Even if we were banshees in the wild,
I'd know you beneath a burial shroud.
under a deep dark cloud,
even if I'd been abandoned as a child,
left in some deserted place,
your familiar ways, your style and grace,
I'd feel a twinge of familiarity the first time I saw your face.

If I was the captive of a melody,

ransomed by the chorus,
If I were potter's clay,
without form, an amorphous,
If I were raised by a company of wolves, in a forest,
on a distant shore, in outer space,
and on the day of my birth,
Neptune aligned with Jupiter,
and the moon was in Taurus,
I would seek for you on the face of the earth.
and we'd be kin the second we'd embrace,

I'm sure I'd know you anywhere,

If I were a rich man,
and you a poor pauper,
If you were a bastard son,
I'm certain to be the father,
if you were a mother,
I'd be your daughter,
Or I were a commoner,
and your birthright was proper,
Even If I had been adopted by another,
I wouldn't be fooled so easily,
I'd extend my hand and call you brother,
because we are family

Victori- September 17, 2001©