Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Friday, April 3, 2015

A Short Walk: This Walk We Take


This walk we take
from cradle crawl,
to stagger gait,
assisted baby steps,
before we fall,
to solo straight,
into the rising sun,
we walk upright,
before we learn to run,
into his light,
a gleam in our eyes,
a spark, a fire,
we chase the night,
we hunt for hope,
for dreams, our souls desire,
along this walk we take,
Too young to know fear,
or the bite of pain,
we only hear, and vaguely discern,
the lessons of, those who've loved,
and demand we love, and be loved, in return,
we hardly listen to the survivors,
the elite few,
who've walked this walk before us,
who know these treacherous forest,
How steep the hills, the sun, the rains,
and the traps of the predators who lure us.



This walk we take,
has become a jog,
a daily routine, 
into a mist a fog,
to a finish line,
which remains unseen,
but we keep moving,
we heed the call,
we've seen too many others fall,
into pits we know not where,
We soon learn to heed,
the jungle creed,
that parasites feed,
on both weak or strong unaware,
we pray a nightly prayer,
carried on angel wings,
to keep us safe,
and in God's care,
we slow for breath,
when obstacles arise,
beam gone now from our eyes,
it's not to the sleeper go the prize,
but to the deft,
those who are wise,
who veer not too far,
either right nor left,
but stay the course,
who will survive,
This walk we take.


This walk we take,
onward, upward,
this road we trod,
brings us closer  to
our beckoning God,
and so we come,
our backs now bowed,
we hear the voices,
of our ancestors now,
from cane clutch,
to stagger gait,
assisted elderly steps,
before we trip,
to fainting falter,
no medaled victory,
for the race we run,
nor newspaper clips,
of our win or slaughter,
before we touch,
with tear wet lips,
the outstretched hand,
who carried us through,
This walk we take.

victori ©

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