Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Poem


 (New Version)

Upon conception you were the focus of my attention,

the modem of my soul,

proud to be the mother of your invention,

proud to be the locus of your control,

I've felt you grow, within my brain,

from a syllable to a phrase,

Your pulse beat a soft refrain,

and your heartbeat twelve tonal arrays,

you developed in three-quarter time,

from a minute to a few days,

Once you traversed the vocal cords,

I wrapped you in tempo,

rocked you in time, fed you metaphors,

until you were fully weaned on rhymes,

I composed you,

my poem, my words my allegory,

dressed you in prose,

and sent you out into the world,

 to tell our story.

by Victori April 9 2015 ©


  1. Beautiful! Luv The Title! I Want To Be Like U When I Grow Up!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Bigbee60!