Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Unseen Inspired by God 9/28/2008

Do you know who I am?

If I stood before you in a hurricane,

or the wing span of a duck,

on a quiet lake, near a rock,

in the spark of an eye,

in a cup of brew from Starbucks,

or within the sincere intention in a lie,

or the adrenaline in the effort of a try,

Would you know me then?

You look for me in superficial things,

like cars, and chains and flashy bling bling,

I have come to you 

in the form of a  woman, a man,

This poet's right hand,

even appeared to you as a lamb,

once in a burning bush,

and you still don't know,

that I am that I am,

No mystery here,

I am the spirit 

that animates your soul,

And when three or more of you,

gather together in my name,

You partake of me whole,

I am that teardrop, on your page,

Am those wrinkles,

That show your age,

Am those volumes,

that speak your peace,

am that scream,

Your frustration release,

I live forever and never decease,

You kill my young prophets,

then send them home where I wait,

And I birth out another, just reincarnate,

You can't silence me I'll never be damned,

As always I am that I am. ©

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