Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Untitled (Inspired by God) 12/9/2001

I am that I am,

I never claimed Islam,

Hindu, Christian, Jew,

Recall the parable and learn,

I manifest as fire,

and wood that wouldn't burn,

As every element indeed,

As water that caused the bush to bloom,

air and earth that nurtured it's seed,

I am that I am,

I am Alpha.

In the beginning,

Hebrews called me Elohim,

I am depicted as a lamb,

I am Ein Sof.

The Egyptians called me Amen,

I am depicted as a ram,

I am Omega, in the end,

I am that I am,

I've been called Emmanuelle,

Jehovah, Jah,

Yeshua, Jesus, Allah,

Shiva, Messiah, Amma,

I am the Way, The Truth, and Light,

Some simply call me LOVE,

You can call me what you will,

The world is mine and the fullness thereof,

just call me if you feel,

I am the Creator of the sun,

Under which you bask,

Do I need your piety?

I shouldn't have to ask,

I am that I am. ©

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