Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How I Do?

How I Do?

I do worst than some,

but better than most,

I don't have riches or wealth,

but the Holy Ghost,

Who gives me health,

Don't need to make you fall,

so that I can rise,

I can lift you tall,

and still soar the skies,

There's room for us all,

From where ever I start,

To where ever I flow,

I entertain angels, in my heart,

Just so you know,

Don't need to blot your shine,

For me to glow,

No need to push you behind,

For me to grow,

Even if you treat me unkind,

 knock me to the ground

Plot my decline,

Push me over the brink,

but  if  you  thirst

I'll still offer you a drink,

it may place me first,

and cause you to shrink,

but it's how I do,

don't care what you think,

This gift of God is free,

This gift of God is true,

I reach my apogee,

It's how I do,

I get the victory!

What about you?

Victori ©

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